Beauty Tips


Choose the right color. The more you stray from your natural hair color, the harder it is to maintain. Stylists recommend staying within three shades of your natural hair color for best results.

Select the right type of hair color. A coloring falls into one of four categories: temporary, semi-permanent, demi-permanent, and permanent. Temporary hair color lasts just one or two shampoos (perfect for Halloween night). Semi- and demi-permanent colors last for between four and twenty shampoos. Permanent hair color doesn’t wash out; it must be cut out of your hair or colored over. Of course, temporary colors fade more quickly than permanent colors, but even permanent color can fade or change shades over time.


Use good quality shampoo. Sulfate free and color safe shampoos are best. Moroccanoil Shampoo and Conditioner is a great line for colored hair. Color Proof is a shampoo that is made special for colored hair and has a full line of styling products.

How to Keep Hair Color from Fading


Use a skin primer with your moisturizer for a smooth foundation.


A good mascara should always be on hand. Antonio recommends Maga Lash by Covergirl. Or if you have the time and are attending a function false lashes are amazing. Just remember the more you put them on the easier it gets. Don't give up!


Use a highlighter to help your skin glow and make your eyes and cheek bones POP. For a fuller lip dab just a little above your top lip and the bottom lip. This makes the lip appear fuller and draws the light to your best features. They have amazing cream highlighters, Antonio recommends Urban Decay.


Makeup Tips

Styling Your Hair Daily


We love the rule "you can only ware a pony tail ONCE a week". Now this is only for when you leave the house. Don't be afraid of your blow dryer and brush. If you don't know how to hold them or use them ask any one of our team to show you how to get the salon look everyday. Don't forget your heat protector. This is different than your leave-in conditioner. Unless the bottle says HEAT PROTECTOR, you take the chance of damaging your hair -- or if your using a strainer your hair can break off!


Now a bun is different than a pony tail. You can do a bun in seconds and you can do it smooth and sophisticated or messy and loose. The bun is great for a day or a night out.


Hot rollers are a great trick if you're a multi-tasker. Even if you do three on top it will give you body and a little extra bounce.


If you do blow out your hair use the cool button afterwards. This will close your cuticle and make your hair smooth and shiny.

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Robert is my hair savior!  When in doubt with my color or style, he takes charge and saves me from catastrophes.

Marylee M, Cambria, CA

The atmosphere is relaxed, clean and professional, Robert is lovely and gives me a great haircut.  He listens to what I want and then makes better suggestions.  I've gotten more compliments on my hair in the past year than I probably ever have.

Sandi K, SF, CA

Robert made my hair look natural again, and I saw color that I haven't seen on my entire head in over five years. The frizz was gone, the smoothness was back and I felt fantastic. I haven't felt this good about how genuine my hair looked when walking out of the salon in years.

Eugenia S, SF, CA

The salon has a warm, welcoming feeling and Michael and Judy complete the talented team. Robert believes in giving back to the community and supporting local causes (Locks for Love, AIDS benefits, etc). All in all, a fabulous experience. You should give this Presidio Heights salon a won't be disappointed!

Mary A, SF, CA


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